by Gjermund Sivertsen

Why is this particular chord a minor 7 voicing you should know? 
I personally did not know about it before just a few months ago. Sure, I had heard it many times.

Especially from Herbie Hancock and many others. So, I knew about it well, but had never taken the time to practice this voicing in all the keys. Now I have, and the voicing is stuck in my fingers together with the million other combinations.

The reason for me now to introduce the minor 7 voicing you should know to you who are reading this is that if you can manage to really get this, you’ll gain more freedom to play jazz piano quicker than I. I’ve been playing for a while now, and still found this “basic” minor 7 voicing.

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When finding a new chord:

The question is always if I find out something new: How can I use it the best way, and how can I practice it to get it into my playing as quick as possible.

The following video lesson shows you the minor 7 voicing you should know and under the video you can download how to practice this particular voicing.

Hint: The minor 7 voicing you should know is actually a minor 13 chord.

I will explain more under the video.

 Check out the video here:

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How to approach the minor 7 voicing you should know

Here is how I see it: I have this voicing now in my toolbox and am ready to play it whenever I am playing a minor 7 chord. Off course: I’m not always using this voicing. I combine it with A and B voicings (that I show you on the jazz piano course).
It is just one tool you can use if you feel like.