by Gjermund Sivertsen
One guy that should be treated with big respect was the great Art Tatum!

I would never think that I one day would be teaching some of the runs he was famous for! But, here I am. With a deep respect for the man!

So, what can you and me learn from listening to Art Tatum now in the modern days? 
(About 100 years now since he was active)

Well: We can learn a lot!

He left us with something that was almost impossible to play, and something else that was fairly easy. 
In this Art Tatum Jazz Piano Lesson I will cover some of what I think was acceptable (Not too hard to play).

I hope you agree if you take the time to practice some of these runs. 
And the Art Tatum Jazz Piano Lesson is not for you who just starts out with Jazz Piano!

So here is the YouTube Movie For the Art Tatum Jazz Piano Lesson

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So how can we “normal people” learn some of Tatums runs?

So how can we learn from this? To implement some from his playing style, I suggest you practice one run a time.
Then you must use it as much as you possibly can! That’s the only way to let it really sink in.

To practice the runs:

  • Practice Slowly!
  • Be patient
  • Make sure you’re accurate on your timing
  • Try to use them as much as you can, both when they fit and when they do not fit

In my opinion, Art Tatum is an Art form itself. Even though I’ve never mastered the playing style of Art Tatum fully, I really believe that listening to this great master can help us evolve, even about hundred years later than he was around.

I hope you enjoy to practice some of his runs.
Good luck!