How we teach:

All our courses are designed so you can learn in your own tempo. As teachers we believe that the best way to teach is to give away the right amount of knowledge, wisdom and experience to our students – without overwhelming anyone. You will get a new lesson every week (every 10 days) so you have enough time to watch the new lesson and practice what you’ve learned!


3 Part Lessons – Part 1:

All our lessons are divided into three parts: The first part of the lessons are all about getting the overview of music, practicing and motivation for practicing. The teacher will show you music theory, music history, music philosophy and much much more. For this part of the lesson, we recommend that you grab a cup of coffee and just listen.


3 Part Lessons – Part 2:

The second part of the lessons is the Walk-Through-Part. This is where we show you what to work on for your next lesson. For this part you should sit by your instrument.


3 Part Lessons – Part 3:

The third part is where you actually practice together with
your teacher! Yes! This is quite unique! You sit by the piano and we have outlined exactly what you should practice. Also for most of it, you can play together with the teacher! How is that possible? Through our unique interactive video solution!



Interactivity Level 1

The video player in itself is interactive (!) The teacher can ask you a question, you answer.If you answer A, the teacher will respond to you as you answered A. If you answer B, the teacher will respond to you as you answered B.
For example: The teacher says: You look great today, then you choose your response to the question.


Interactivity level 2

You can get personal feedback from your teacher.(Requires a GOLD membership)

– Send your teacher questions
– You can upload recordings of yourself
– Get feedback, scoring, diplomas and personal advice


The Visual Look


Visual look 1 

With animated visuals it is easy to learn!
Also: We believe it is a lot more fun to learn this way. We spend a lot of time to make
a lesson visual appealing to you as well as fun! Warning: Some of this can make you smile or laugh!



Visual look 2

Also the teacher is surrounded by great animations. Gives both a visual and an auditive experience



Visual look 3 – The Piano

A great way of teaching piano is worthless without a good Grand Piano.
We are filming from multiple angles so you can really see what is going on. Not only that:
The fancy grand piano is connected to a midi keyboard, so you can see exactly what keys are used.


Visual look 4 – The Piano again

Here is another angle of the piano from the course. Without the teacher. Well..
The teacher is the guy that plays the piano. Looks good, right!


 What you can expect as a student

Really learn, really understand!

We have investigated thousands of hours, not only in our own practicing, but in how to teach the best way possible.
This has been proven to our live students as well as with our ONLINE students.
That’s why we with confidence can say that you will get a course that really helps you get good playing piano


Get quick results! 

Our job is to guide you to get good at playing piano in the shortest and fastest way possible. Point A is where you Are, point B is where you want to Be. We will guide you to get there fast!


Learn practicing

We would like to promise that this course in itself will make good playing piano, but you’ll have to practice. We will teach you, show you and guide you to practice in a smart way – and we promise you that if you follow this plan, you will get good!


Learn to play anything

You can expect to get the tools during our courses to be able to play anything you have on your mind. If you are in our jazz course, that means you will be able to improvise over any chord changes, play in multiple jazz styles etc. If you are in our piano course for beginners, you will get all the understanding you need to play any pop song, play in multiple styles and even improvise to some degree!


About the teacher

Hi everyone! My name is Gjermund Sivertsen.
I am the founder of and the local music school in Oslo,
Norway: Sivertsen Pop & Jazz Skole.
Music and teaching are my passions, and besides hanging out with my family and friends, spending time teaching and playing music is what I do 24/7.
I have been working for years to create together with my amazing team.
To finally being able to help thousands of people play piano: My dream came true!
To start playing piano was my best and biggest decision ever. I have been playing hundreds of concerts, touring, composing and more. Maybe it sounds like a lot? The biggest reason for why I am glad I once made the choice of playing piano was the enormous sense of freedom it gave me.
It gave me the freedom to express myself like I cannot do with words. Both in good and bad times. To have music in life is to me worth more than anything else.
It’s a gift! To give it away to others and make them explore their music is… well… I have no words!
Again: Welcome!

-=Gjermund Sivertsen=-