by Gjermund Sivertsen

My very first jazz piano teacher showed me this juicy jazz trick when I was quite young.
I was mesmerized by the great sound! If you don’t know this, you should.

Here is a lesson in how to use this juicy jazz trick:

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You can use it on dominant 7 chords as well as diminished 7 chords.

You can also play this trick in many jazz styles, from ballads to mid- and up- tempo tunes.
It is also nice to use this trick when you play together with others, not only when you play solo jazz piano.

To practice this juicy jazz trick you need to work it out with a metronome first.

Then you need to test it out in real life like everything else we do as jazz pianists.

This jazz piano trick works really well over most dominant seven chords as well as diminished seven chords.
One of my students that tried this trick said that it was a bit difficult to him at first. When I asked him how he practiced the trick, he obviously did it the wrong way. He tried to practice the trick in all keys at once.

Make sure that you practice this trick by practicing one a time. Then try to use it immediately over some chord changes that you know will fit.
Then you move on to practice the trick for the other keys one by one.

Another suggestion is that you spend a whole week with just one part of the trick before you move on to the next. That will make you really get this trick into your fingers before moving on.
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Good luck with your practicing and take care of your music!